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Instructions for Playing Soccer Correctly for Beginners

Football, the globally renowned king of sports, has been and continues to be passionately embraced by countless fans.

To get closer to this sport, besides a love for football, you will need some basic "gear" to play football properly, thereby increasing your chances of shining on the field.

Let's go through some holy soccer prediction playing guides for beginners with Mira in the following article.

Why Wear Football Shoes?

5-Player Team Formation

A 5-player team, also known as a Mini 5-a-side team. For this formation, the match time is 40 minutes in total, divided into 2 halves of 20 minutes each. The break time between halves can be flexible but not longer than 15 minutes.

Arranging Team Formation on the Field

There are 4 basic positions in football: Forward, Defender, Midfielder, Goalkeeper. Corresponding to the mentioned formations above, Mira will introduce you to the positions and how to allocate the formation on the field for each type of formation.

Arranging the 11-Player Team Formation

In 11-player football, the basic positions remain the same, and the number of players for each position will vary depending on the allocation.

In the 11-player formation, the positions are as follows:

Goalkeeper: In each match, the goalkeeper wears a different jersey from the other players on the team. The task of the goalkeeper is to keep the goal safe and block shots from opponents.

In each formation, the goalkeeper is the only one allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body inside the penalty area. When outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper is only allowed to use their feet to play the ball like other players in different positions.

Forward: This position is closest to the opponent's goal, typically positioned at the forefront of the attacking line. Therefore, the task of the player in this position is to focus on scoring goals in the opponent's goal.

For an 11-player formation, there can be 2-3 forwards with different positional allocations:

Central forward Winger forward Attacking midfielder forward Regular forward Midfielder: Immediately behind the forwards is the position of the all football prediction site

In the game, the Midfielder's role is to contest the ball from the opponent team and launch attacks, while also participating in defense. In some cases, Midfielders may also be goal scorers.

To play well in this position, a Midfielder needs good physical strength, endurance, and agility, along with adept ball deception skills and good passing to avoid the ball falling into the opponent's possession.

Defender: This is an important position, standing immediately in front of the goalkeeper and behind the Midfielders. The task of the defender is to help the goalkeeper prevent the opposing team from scoring. In a team of 11 players, the number of Defenders will be 4 and distributed as follows:

Central Defender This position stands right in front of the goalkeeper and blocks attacks. They also disrupt attempts to enter the penalty area. Usually, players in this position prioritize those with height advantage, good heading skills, and understanding of ball interception.

Full-back Defender The full-back position does not have a fixed role during play. This position's task is to prevent the opposing team from entering the penalty area, in addition to marking the opponent's Forward.

Sweeper Defender This position on the field is rarely used in practice. Players in this position are specialized in covering for the Defenders above.

Attacking Full-back Defender This position is for players with good physical fitness for attacking. The Attacking Full-back Defender is crucial, acting as a link between the Midfielder and the Full-back Defender, helping to create excellent dribbling or attacking plays.

Arranging the 7-Player Team Formation

The positions of the 7-player team are similar to the 11-player team but are flexible between positions and have specific requirements to suit the formation, tactics. The requirement when playing in a 7-player team is excellent cooperation among members and clear determination of each position's tasks.

In different formations, the 7-player team will need different positions on the field:

7-player team formation 2-3-1: One Goalkeeper, two Defenders, one Defensive Midfielder, two Attacking Midfielders, and one Forward. 7-Player team formation 3-2-1: One Goalkeeper, three Defenders (two Defenders + one center-back Defender), two Midfielders, and one Forward. 7-Player team formation 3-1-2: One Goalkeeper, three Defenders (including one center-back Defender), one Midfielder, and two Forwards.

Arranging the 5-Player Team Formation

The principle of unity for the 5-player team formation is that all players will participate in both defense and attack. To build a reasonable Mini 5-player team, factors such as the physical abilities of the home team and the opponent team players need to be considered. Some allocation methods for the 5-player team formation:

5-player team formation 1-2-1: also known as the "diamond" formation for the arrangement resembling a diamond shape. Includes one Goalkeeper, one Defender, two Midfielders, and one Forward. 5-Player team formation 2-2: also called the "box" or "square" formation. Includes one Goalkeeper, two Defenders, and two Forwards. 5-Player team formation 2-1-1: consists of one Goalkeeper, two Defenders, one Midfielder, and one Forward.

Football Playing Guide 2: Pre-Match Warm-up

Just as riding a motorcycle requires warm-up time for the engine, warming up before playing is crucial to warm up muscles and joints. Not only does it make the body more flexible, but it also reduces the risk of injury during play.

Some basic techniques for you to explore and warm up before playing football include:

Stretching technique before playing Warm-up techniques without a ball Warm-up techniques with a ball Physical exercises to warm up muscles and improve health.

Football Playing Guide 5: Choosing betting tips win

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