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Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 9 Breaking Bad S02e09 _VERIFIED_

Walter White's lung cancer diagnosis was the reason he left his normal life behind to secretly cook meth and become the dreaded Heisenberg, Albuquerque's richest and most dangerous drug lord. Walt partnered with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) so that he could distribute large supplies of the drug to earn money for his family before his impending death. Despite the diagnosis, Walt refused to give up and continued to try various treatments. In the season 2 episode titled "4 Days Out," Walt got the results of an updated scan, indicating that he was in remission. His family, including his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and son Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte), were in attendance to hear the good news, but the celebration didn't last long.

breaking bad season 2 episode 9 breaking bad s02e09

It's likely that Walt targeted the towel dispenser with his outburst because he saw his reflection on the metal. Through Walt's Heisenberg transformation, he quickly became an almost unrecognizable figure in his own mind. Going from Walt the family man to Heisenberg wasn't an easy task, but it was clear that the character started to enjoy his increasing power. It was no longer just about his family, and admitting that was difficult for Walt. He knew that he would edge even further toward the point of no return without the finite conclusion of death from cancer. Interestingly enough, Walt encountered the towel dispenser again in Breaking Bad season 5, episode 8, "Gliding All Over." He smiled at the dented dispenser, thinking about how far he'd come.

In 4 Days Out, 9th episode of the 2nd season of Breaking Bad, Walt and his family are told by his doctor that his cancer is in remission, which is obviously a very happy moment for his family. Walt is initially shown to be happy - and rather in a relieved disbelief of this fact - but when he looks at his reflection in the towel dispenser just minutes later, a frustration suddenly builds inside of him, causing him to punch the dispenser? What is the reason for this frustration? Is it:

Luckily, the folks over at Discovery's Mythbusters have already tackled this one, so I won't have to fire up the ol' fume hood. Fulminated mercury [Hg(CNO)2] is indeed an explosive, classically used as a trigger in blasting caps used to set off larger explosives. The crystal structure of mercury fulminate was discovered in 2007, over 200 years after the compound was first synthesized and about a year before it gained popular attention on the Breaking Bad season one episode, "Crazy Handful of Nothin'". It's decidedly unstable and can be detonated by friction, heat, spark, or shock, such as slamming a few ounces of it against the floor. However, the Mythbusters showed that, in order to get the explosive effects shown in the episode, not only would Walt need a much greater quantity of the compound along with a much faster throwing velocity, but that he and everyone else would have died from the concussive blast.

Not all solutions are created equal. In "Dead Freight", the fifth episode of season five of Breaking Bad, Walt explains why the physical property of density will actually assist them in their planned heist of 1,000 gallons of methylamine from a train transport. Why methylamine? Well, it's an alternate precursor chemical for their cook (one that makes it easier to obtain a higher purity of product), and boosting a large amount from a train was apparently less conspicuous than smurfing dozens of pseudoephedrine-containing products from drug stores. While they can take 1,000 gallons of a 40% w/w (weight-to-weight, not Walter White) solution of methylamine in water, they need only replace that amount with a lesser amount of plain ol' water, mass for mass, not volume for volume. Why? Density differences.

"Running to Stand Still"EpisodeTitle cardInformationSeason 2 Episode 9Episode number32 of 172Original airdateDecember 8, 2015Written byAndrew KreisbergDirected byKevin TancharoenChronologyPreceded by"Legends of Today"Followed by"Potential Energy"Images"Running to Stand Still" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-second episode overall. It aired on December 8, 2015.

OMITB was guilty of dragging things and coming up with fillers every now and then. Its appeal dropped quite a few notches in the second half of the season. It can certainly happen to any show but the storyline did seem to be a bit thin in season 2. After watching episode 9, that opinion has certainly changed.

The tenth episode in the eighth season of The Simpsons television series, 1997's "The Springfield Files", prominently featured both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, as Scully and Mulder respectively. Homer Simpson claimed to have had a close encounter of the third kind with an alien lifeform while most people were more skeptical.

A season 6 episode begins with an intro that mimics The X-Files intro. This episode was about alien abductions actually being abductions by fairies from another dimension of reality. ("Clap Your Hands If You Believe...", Season 6, Episode 9, 2010)

In the season 2 premiere, A New Day In The Old Town, after the shape-shifter killed George Reed, the episode Dreamland was being played on Reed's television showing Mulder and Scully holding hands while looking at the strange light in the sky from the beginning of the episode.

House gets called in by the CIA. At the CIA, the doctor in charge, named Samira Terzi, states, "I'm afraid there are going to be some limitations on his medical history. Just let me know what you need, and I should be able to provide it." House says, "FYI, my malpractice insurance doesn't cover alien autopsies." Terzi answers, "That's fine. X-files are the next wing over." ("Whatever it Takes", season 4, episode 6)

Maxwell referring to the chummy conversation between Niles and CC (when the two usually do not get along), "Okay, Scully and Mulder, care to explain this X-file?" ("From Flushing with Love", season 5, episode 10)

The eleventh episode of the second season, "Adrift", begins with Torchwood employee Gwen Cooper being called in to investigate a missing persons case by her former colleague Andy Davidson. He is convinced that she knows more about the case than she is letting on. After watching the CCTV video of the disappearance, it's apparent to the viewer she doesn't know anything he doesn't. Insistent that she knows what happened during the disappearance and is not telling him, however, Andy fast-forwards the footage to forty-five minutes later, when the CCTV screen shows an SUV pulling up and a familiar long coated-figure getting out of the car. Andy asks Gwen, "What's your mate Mulder doing there?" Andy knows that Gwen works as part of Torchwood, a covert agency, hunting alien-related paranormal activity. He has also met and briefly worked alongside Jack Harkness, the man pictured in the CCTV footage. Harkness is the leader of the Torchwood branch Cooper is assigned to, and the only American member of that unit, which is based in Cardiff, Wales.

In season 2 episode 27, "Retreat", an archaeologist and his friend are searching for Bigfoot, who happens to be Hank McCoy. Hank is seen jumping from tree to tree and hears what he firstly thinks is a moose, until he sees them. The man is seen blowing a whistle that sounds like a moose. His partner is standing with him and asks, "Where can I get me one of those?" Then the man with the whistle stands close to him and whispers, "The Bigfoot trading post on route five. Ask for Mulder." At that point, the X-Files theme plays in the background.

In season 1, episode 10 "The Arrogant Captive" of the anime Kuromukuro, when an alien surrenders and is taken into custody by the U.N. Special Forces, two special agents are dispatched to interrogate him. They are from the "Extraterrestrial Investigation Unit" and bear striking visual similarity to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Their names are Heath Kingsley and Carrie Dunham.

Haley has herself a tutor for science class, David. Technically, Claire is paying him to tutor her daughter, but Haley has her own barter system that involves his lips and hers when she gets a question right (or wrong). Alex is naturally jealous, as even the smart guys will go with the dumb girls for a little play, but Claire insists Haley break up with Dylan if she likes this new guy. It's a very emotional moment, breaking up with someone. Especially to Phil, who must tell us about the "Water Polo Girls" story.

New episodes of Resident Alien air on SYFY every Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern before hitting the SYFY app and Peacock the following day. The hit show has already been renewed for a third season.

Don returns home with the kids after an outing and tells Betty that if her mind is made up about their breaking up, he's not going to try to change it. "I thought you can talk anyone into anything," she replies.


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