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Jeremiah Torres
Jeremiah Torres

Detective Conan Episode 61 _HOT_

Conan proves that Kogoro did not kill the caretaker. Next, Conan enters the cave to show that the sounds were from the wind in the tunnels. But before he can Suzu finds him and threatens to tell, unless conan kisses her that is. So after a quick peck on the cheek they both head into the cave. Conan finds a staircase which breaks away to reveal another dead man and the killer. Conan deduces that the ghost ship was stuck in this part of the cave for seven years due to a cave-in. Conan finds the gold hidden in the bricks of the staircase covered in moss. Another cave-in occurs, forcing Conan and the killer to leave. The gold is sealed inside the cave.

Detective Conan Episode 61

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Marty Casey

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