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Gabriel Mammoth

Pulldownit Add Particles To Fragment [CRACKED]

* Fixed hi-poly models ackward flikering in viewport while being shattering* Fixed uvs for multiple uvsets are messed up after shattering in some rare occasions* Fixed Shatter it styles miss extent value when not using Draft mode* Fixed Shatter it change shatter style in Draft mode ignores extent value* Fixed Shatter it Wood Splinters center doesnt match object center in draft mode* Fixed Shatter it "Width" parameter is ignored after changing shatter style* Fixed Shatter locator generates points far away of the object sometimes* Fixed rigid body parent rotate pivot is lost after saving the scene* Fixed Crackers push the whole model when hitting unbreakable areas* Fixed Crackers "Assign Path" button doesnt hilight when path is selected in Maya* Fixed Crackers list cannot be expanded* Fixed cannot create crackers from curves created with the pencil tool over live surface* Fixed user can assing several Crackers to the same path* Fixed Bounded Cracks causes instabilities in static fracture bodies sometimes* Fixed Bounded Cracks causes other rigid body/fracture body collisions get bounded aswell* Fixed Bounded Cracks fails sometimes for large thin models* Fixed large fragments get detached unexpectedly sometimes* Fixed excluded bodies in fracture creation are included in simulation* Fixed "activate at frame" Fbody adquires incorrect velocity when was broken before activation* Fixed small fragments can break fracture bodies in advance* Fixed small fragments can activate fracture bodies in advance* Fixed setting fracture Hardness around 0 doesnt break the fracture body completely* Fixed parented curves miss it original parent when used for shattering an object* Fixed Pdi cache is baked wrongly when playing back start at frame diferent than start time* Fixed add jagginess creates weird long thin triangles for concave faces sometimes* Fixed plugin crash after applying jagginess when original model has more than 8 uvsets* Fixed remove jagginess after load mess up shaders for some faces* Fixed remove jagginess duplicate uv set when original uv set name is diferent than "map1"* Fixed delete crackers doesnt disable PDi cache* Fixed change PDI bounding volume at frame diferent than 0 may cause initial position lost

Pulldownit Add Particles To Fragment

* Fixed fracture bodies made of non connected parts fails to break sometimes* Fixed plugin crash when loading a new scene and a fracture body was saved broken* Fixed "break at frame" clusters ignores propagation scheme* Fixed app crash when loading a PDi scene after playing another PDi scene* Fixed jaggy "broken only" doesnt match tesellation of adjacent faces sometimes* Fixed reshatter animated fragments + assign rbds is not working as expected* Fixed local style shatter center changes suddenly when in draft mode sometimes* Fixed single fragments of "only break" fratures get freezed after resume simulation* Fixed small parts of "only break" fratures are ignored sometimes* Fixed cracker disabled state not recovered after loading the scene* Fixed undo all shatter when fbody has baked keys prevent from using PDi solver afterwards* Fixed fracture bodies of objects childs of a node with rot transform get spoiled after load* Fixed "has open edges" warning prompt when reshatering an object* Fixed large thin triangles still created in some cut faces after shattering* Fixed faces materials are messed up after shattering when original node has degenerate faces* Fixed jaggy faces materials are messed up when a PDI shard has degenerate faces* Added a warning when shattering a model presenting reversed normals* Fixed "Unbreakable until frame" cluster cannot exceed a frame 1000 value * Fixed "setup fracture body" window get blocked when object name has no standard characters* Fixed original object gets templated state when using undo after Shatter it preview mode* Fixed when creating rbds and change bVolume pdi solver ignores them* Fixed playing back PDi cache includes disabled rigid bodies* Fixed changing seed of local shatter style left one center unaffected

20/10/2021This update features a number of fixes from previous version.FIXES:* Fixed Maya crash when simulating and there are "activate at first hit bodies" in scene* Fixed static fragments doesnt propagate stress* Fixed low mass impact objects never trigger fracture despite its velocity* Fixed increasing fracture hardness has little effect in how the object breaks* Fixed shatter it "detach sub-meshes" makes Maya crash when object has multiple uv sets* Fixed crackers bounded behaviour get disabled after some frames* Fixed crackers bounded behaviour fails when fracture propagation isnt local* Fixed bounded cracks jittering when combined with "break at frame" clusters* Fixed bounded crack affects strongly nearby "not bounded" cracks* Fixed pdi scenes saved after baking whole simulation makes Maya crash if deleting PDI keys* Fixed "break anergy" stresses arent cleared after delete cluster* Fixed border "break at frame" stresses still displayed after disable it* Fixed Undo cracker size still uses the previous size when simulating the scene* Fixed "activate at first hit" fbodies is ignored when colliding with another fbody* Fixed path based shatter make plugin crash with some concave models* Fixed "relative to mass" values are set incorrectly after creating a fracture body* Fixed PDi cache is cleared when selecting a fracture body in the list* Fixed extend time range spoil pdi cache* Fixed reshatter after wood splinters get materials messed up when model has materials per face* Fixed shatterit "undo last" get materials messed up when model has materials per face* Fixed shatter point cloud disappears completely when dragging it sometimes

* Fixed mesh-mesh collision get stucked sometimes* Fixed seed doesnt affect local shatter centers position* Fixed local shatter doesnt fit some points to surface of the model* Fixed convex hull construction fails for very thin objects* Fixed weird aligment of points of Path based shatter with thin objects* Fixed local shatter locator doesnt fit to selected fragment area* Fixed Undo Last shatter doesnt recover original node names* Fixed Pdi evaluator doenst work after loading Bifrost in Maya* Fixed some shatter faces missed in voronoi display wire* Fixed after shatter "undo last" large cut faces are splitted in triangles* Fixed huge viewport slow down when displaying stresses* Fixed selected fragments non highlighted when displaying stresses color( DirectX mode)* Fixed shatter group dissapears after reshattering when it is child of another Maya node* Fixed fragments of tesselated objects are detected wrongly by the plugin as open edges* Fixed rarely a few shards miss its UVS after shattering* Fixed Additional uvsets are distorted after applying jagginess* Fixed adding jaggines with voronoi node selected doest it wrong* Fixed remove jagginess after soften edges left soft edges on original shards* Fixed soften jaggy edges "broken only" affects non jaggy vertexes of neighboring fragments* Fixed hi-tesselated shards fails to match jaggy borders in some areas* Fixed large Jaggy borders almost not deform

Allow to recompute fragments with baked keys in dynamics Can reshatter single fragments of baked fracture bodies to any extend baking of keys is a a background process Shatter of combined meshes up to 8x faster

* Fixed application crash when kinematic-mesh animated bodies changes topology per frame* Fixed "unbreakable until frame" event doesnt work when some fragments are static* Fixed prop style change event not working sometimes* Fixed cluster break energy doesnt work when cluster hardness > 0* Fixed cluster break energy still acts after the cluster has been detached* Fixed "break at frame " cluster get detached by force fields in advance* Fixed adquire shatter fails to transfer keys when target mesh has diferent topology than source* Fixed adquire shatter doesnt assign original node names to shape nodes* Fixed static non "first hit" fracture bodies start to break in advance if any other static object is in contact with it* Fixed "activation at frame" bodies miss it initial speed after resetting the scene* Fixed Manage PDi World Window not updated when deleting a rigid body in viewport* Fixed sleeping fracture bodies doesnt break when using clusters* Fixed break energy hardly affects large fragments* Fixed cannot undo shatter groups with fracture body signed* Fixed shatter "undo last" remove fragments with baked keys* Fixed reshatter already baked fragments delete animation keys for the whole shatter group* Fixed hidden fragments are wrongly included in fracture body creation* Fixed scene reset before saving it when no pdi objects in scene* Fixed cluster of "only breaks" fbodies doesnt break off* Fixed models made of diferent parts shatter always as detached meshes* Fixed local propagation dependance in fracture body mass* Fixed cannot add jagginess to recomputed fragments* Fixed jaggines applyed wrongly to old cut faces* Fixed animated nodes child of other animated one are set wrongly as first hit* Fixed shards childs of an animated node are wrongly set as dynamic rbds by default* Fixed wrongly assign rigid bodies to all childs in the hierarchy when parent selected* Fixed shatter cage not displayed correclty when using wood splinter pattern* Fixed mesh artifacts appearing sometimes when shattering combined meshes as a whole* Fixed resume simulation fails after scrubing the time line* Fixed static fracture bodies in contact breaks at the begining of simulation* Fixed convex hull includes far away points when mesh has only 3 vertices* Fixed convex hull of planar faces doenst collide from inside* Fixed last frame of simulation not cached for animated fractures* Fixed cache mode is deactived when user reach start frame but scrubbing time line* Fixed delete single cluster spoil clusterize state


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