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How to Get Pastel Partner Version 11 for Free and Why You Need It

to find out more about all the additional benefits available, ask us for a free brochure today. it's also a good idea to check out our sage support hub page to see what we have to offer and how you can take advantage of it.

Pastel Partner Version 11 Free Download

dear grant, i am now on windows server 2016 and experienced the same old problem. whenever the wizard is showing me the option to register for the software. it throws me a message saying" the wizard was interrupted before pastel xpress version 11 could be installed. your system was not modified. to continue setup later, please run the wizard again." i know i can reset my password then run the wizard again but its annoying because i must do that everytime i register for the software when there is no way around it since i do not have any other pc's and using office 365 is just not an option because my companies requirements are so strict. please can you let me know what i can do to fix this problem. i have tried everything on the internet and nothing seems to be working.

hi grant, i am on the 11th of feb 2018 and i have been experiencing this problem for some time now, hoping that you can help me with this, when i run the setup it says the following: your system was not modified. to continue setup later, please run the wizard again. i have tried everything possible on the web and ive tried on the sage pastel website to no avail, i am hoping that you can help me with this. i have been waiting for you to reply for some time now and i must say that i am quite disappointed. however, i am going to keep trying and hoping that you can come to a solution for me. thanks!


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