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Jeremiah Torres

Half Life C0a0: Tips, Tricks, and Cheat Codes for the Classic Map

the first level features a lobby connected to sector c line of the black mesa transit system, with hung on the wall a world map and the words black mesa research facility above, a security guard welcome desk, a map of the sector, and a computer terminal sometimes used by scientists to receive data. on the day of the black mesa incident, gordon freeman enters sector c from there, in the half-life chapter anomalous materials . there he learns that a system crash has occurred earlier at around 08:30. [4]

Half Life C0a0 Map Download


effectcode the normal jump sv_gravity 800 you are now the master sv_gravity 0-999 you can float and walk in air for amount of time.highest jump sv_gravity 0 you can't jump at all sv_gravity 999 contributed by: rapcloudstrife 23 17 alien technologies half life : blue shift dcinput these in the secrets section, in order to access the levels of half life : blue shift. effectpassword a leap of faith physics is beautiful captive freight combat and trains duty calls red is scary focal point barney visits xen insecurity barney goes to work power struggle power is progress contributed by: usc 0 2 invincibility dcenable this code on the access codes menu to become invulnerable. effectpassword invincibility otis loves dreamcast contributed by: shurikane 2 0 level passcodes dcenter these passcodes to unlock the corresponding level


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