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Guide To Play Both Teams to Score Bet

The Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bet is a straightforward wager where you win if at least one goal is scored by either the home or away team in a match. In this bet, the punter has two choices: whether both teams will score or not. Let's explore football tips daily more about BTTS betting with Wintips experts and its various forms.

Overview of the Both Teams to Score Bet

BTTS is a popular type of side bet chosen by many bettors. Players wager on whether both teams will score during regular playtime or if only one team will fail to score.

With this type of bet, players don't need to worry about the total number of goals as they would with over/under bets or Asian handicaps. Instead, they only focus on the scoring rates of the two teams and make their predictions.

In other words, players only need to predict whether there will be goals in the first half, the second half, or throughout the match. If the prediction is correct, the winnings are added to the player's account. If the bet is lost, the account is automatically deducted.

Common Types of Both Teams to Score Bets

Currently, BTTS betting is quite popular and varied. You can choose one of the specific types below:

First Half Both Teams to Score Bet

This bet involves predicting whether both teams will score within the first 45 minutes of the match. If both teams score in the first half, the bettor wins. If no goals are scored in the first half, the bettor loses.

If the match ends with no goals in the first half and the bettor placed a "no" bet, they win. Conversely, if the bettor placed a "yes" bet, they lose.

Second Half Both Teams to Score Bet

This bet involves predicting whether goals will be scored in the second half of the match. If there are goals in the second half, the bettor wins. If no goals are scored, the bettor loses.

Full-Time Both Teams to Score Bet

In this bet, the player wagers on whether both teams will score during the full match time. If at least one goal is scored and the player has bet correctly, they receive the corresponding payout. If no goals are scored, the bettor loses their stake.

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How to Play Both Teams to Score Bet

Although this bet is simply considered a side bet, do not underestimate its importance. If you want to confidently earn real money, pay attention to the valuable tips below:

Analyze the Odds Carefully

The most important thing is to read the odds tables accurately and carefully, to make reasonable betting choices and earn high rewards. Additionally, this helps avoid unnecessary mistakes. Refer to statistics on reputable global sites like Opta and Dafabet to understand the number of goals scored and conceded, and the expected goals of the teams. Teams with an average goal-scoring rate of 2.5 goals per match will have a higher probability of scoring.

Evaluate the Teams

Examine the history of the two teams that have previously faced each other. What was the score? This will help you predict the likelihood of goals in the upcoming match more accurately. If both teams play more offensively, you should bet on "Yes" (both teams to score). Also, consider the defensive solidity of both teams. It is advisable to place your bet after the first 30 minutes of the match, as you will have a better understanding of the game.

Evaluate the Tournament

In knockout stages of major tournaments, teams tend to attack more to secure goals.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker

It's important to choose a reputable bookmaker to trust your money with. A reliable bookmaker not only offers accurate odds but also makes it easy for you to withdraw your winnings if you hit a big prize. Understanding this, we invite you to refer to our comprehensive directory of reputable bookmakers. Ensure that you play with peace of mind.

Consult Various Predictions

Refer to predictions from Macau or check the results on 7m to see the current odds between the two teams. This provides an overview of the general market perception. Combine this with your own experience to come up with the most accurate answer. Be confident that if you have enough knowledge to navigate bookmaker traps, there’s nothing to fear when filtering information from various sources.


Now you understand that the both teams to score bet is a popular form of online football betting. To achieve maximum profit, players should thoroughly research and apply the above experiences football tips site to manage risks and achieve the best results. Especially, join Wintips experts to receive quality insights and big rewards.


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